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20 Essential Oil Holiday Room Sprays

The smell of apple cider simmering in the kitchen. Roasted spices and fresh-cut wreaths. These are the smells of my holiday memories. That’s why these Holiday Room Sprays make my heart so happy. Take the best essential oils and blend them together to make your home smell completely amazing through the entire holiday season.

Gather your supplies and your favorite essential oils to create a simple Holiday Room Spray in less than 5 minutes.

It’s super easy!  The base for all these recipes is exactly the same:

The alcohol and witch hazel are added to allow the recipe to last all season long. Adding the witch hazel or vodka will not affect the scent as much as you think.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.  You can choose to use only distilled water, but your room spray will not last as long.

You could also choose to make a larger batch if you find a recipe you really love.  I make giant 16 oz batches of Holiday Room Spray in these amber glass spray bottles [2] and adorn it with these beautiful tags [3].

Our 5 Favorite Holiday Room Spray Scents

Peace Room Spray

Harvest Room Spray

Merry Room Spray

Reflections Room Spray

Wassail Room Spray

Beware:  You might need to keep extra bottles on hand when guests come over because they are going to want to have their own bottle of Holiday Room Spray. You’ve been warned!

Have fun & experiment with more essential oils that are perfect for the holidays:

Make your own blend with any of these spicy, woodsy, and citrus scents. There are also a few floral and minty scents to add to the fun!

You’ll find all these essential oils used in different combinations in our FREE PRINTABLE with a total of 20 Essential Oil Holiday Room Spray recipes!

All of these essential oil holiday room sprays can also be used in your diffuser! Be sure you are effectively using your essential oil diffusers by checking out our FREE Comprehensive Diffuser Guide here! [4]

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