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5 Mood Lifting Diffuser Recipes

Sometimes you feel down or out of sorts. You might just feel like you’re not yourself and you just can’t reach that level of happiness that you’d like to in your day. These 5 Mood Lifting Diffuser Recipes are perfect for encouraging a happy heart and a fullness of joy.

I know that I have days where I need an extra boost to really feel cheerful.  It’s not that anything is wrong.  I’m perfectly fine and my feelings are normal.  We are supposed to experience a full range of emotions in this life.  That’s how we were designed.

I just wish that sometimes I could convey to my family the most positive of emotions.  This is the truest when I’ve felt a little worried, overwhelmed, or slightly anxious.  These diffuser recipes are uplifting and encourage a positive outlook and feelings of happiness and joy.

Try one of these 5 Mood Lifting Diffuser recipes when you need:

Lemon and Joy

I know you’ve heard us talk about this combination before.  It’s our #1 choice for a happy and cheerful blend in our diffuser necklace [1].  I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love this combination. (And for those that aren’t in love with Joy…adding Lemon can really change your opinion.  Try it!)

Bergamot and Geranium

This recipe is excellent for helping women feels themselves when they experience occasional days where they feel down.  The floral scents remind me that I can accomplish everything in my day as a woman and a mom without giving in to feeling grumpy or overwhelmed.

Orange, Lavender, and Cypress

Orange and Lavender essential oils together are very commonly used for calming and peace.  In this recipe, they create a base of relaxation where the Cypress essential oil comes in and gives a sense of brightness.  It lifts your spirit with the comforting and peaceful aroma.  The notes are sweet and herbal to help give a sense of relaxed and carefree joy.

Lime and Ylang Ylang

When I diffuse this recipe, my worries seem lifted.  It helps me to feel relaxed even when my day is full and loud and even a little chaotic.  I love this recipe for afternoons right before the kids are done with school.  It helps me get myself ready for their energy without being overwhelmed.

Elemi and Grapefruit

Diffuse this combination of essential oils when you feel confused or a little down.  It will help clear your head to focus on the positive.  The scent combination is bright and crisp and very uplifting.

Be sure you are effectively using your essential oil diffusers by checking out our free Comprehensive Diffuser Guide here! [2]

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