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Fruit and Veggie Cleaning Wash

Washing fruits and veggies is important, organic or not. Water alone is not enough to get dirt or possible pesticides off produce before it goes into our bodies. This Fruit and Veggie Cleaning Wash recipe is a natural, cost effective way to thoroughly clean fruits and veggies. Spray, rinse and enjoy! 

Fruit is a staple in our homes. It is a fast and healthy snack that my kids will actually eat without complaining. We eat a lot of berries this time of year. In the spring and summer, I absolutely love making Strawberry Shortcake [5] or Blueberry Frozen Yogurt [6].

Since I am not able to grow my own fruits and veggies any time soon, I get mine at the store for now. Most grocery stores have an impressive selection of organic produce. Buying organic produce is one way to cut down on the number of chemicals in your food.

Although free from most pesticides, there is still the possibility of contamination in organic produce. Wax, dirt, and bacteria are likely lurking on your berries. Did you know that 99% of strawberries contain pesticide residue?

The EWG has a fantastic list [7] of safe non-organic produce, and ones you should always buy organic. Either way, a good cleaning is necessary.

The two essential oils found in the recipe come in a Premium Starter Kit [8]. Thieves has a spicy, cleansing aroma and can be used to promote wellness. Citrus Fresh is a favorite of mine for cleaning, diffusing and freshening my home.  

What I love about this recipe is that to can be used as a quick spray for an apple, or a soak for bigger items like lettuce or potatoes. I keep this Fruit and Veggie Cleaning Spray right next to my Lemon Basil Dish Soap [9] so it is always close by. It takes about 2 minutes to make and a little goes a long way. 

New to essential oils? Learn more about the only brand we use and trust. [10]

Fruit and Veggie Cleaning Wash

Yield – 4 oz serving



This recipe is extremely affordable to make. Chances are you already have the ingredients in your home. 

 Cost Breakdown

Citrus Fresh – $0.07/per drop – $0.28

Thieves – $0.15/per drop – $0.30

White Vinegar – $0.02/fl oz – $0.04

Citric Acid – $0.43/oz – $0.22 per tablespoon

Total = $0.52/4 ounces

Tips for Keeping Fruits & Veggies Fresher Longer

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