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6 Non-Floral Essential Oil Perfume Spray Recipes

After the warm reception of our floral perfume sprays [1], we wanted to find some other types of blends for those who aren’t in love with just floral aromas.  So we’ve come up with 6 amazing Non-Floral Essential Oil Perfume Spray Recipes that we think you’ll fall in love with, too!

The perfumes we are blending today contain a wonderful variety of spices, resins, herbs, grasses, woods, and even some flowers.  We spent time making sure that none of the scents were super sweet, yet still feminine, beautiful, and completely unique. You’ll find that any flowers included are well balanced with other aromas.

We adore these perfumes for their clean and natural aromas. The spices are balanced with woodsy scents.  The herbs are spiked with green grassy scents that are uplifting and fresh.  The balsamic scents are grounded by earthy florals.

We believe that everyone should be able to find at least one perfume on this list to add to their collection.  Have all your friends over and make them all!

If you’d like to design and mix your own blends, these are some of the essential oils we love (without any flowers!):

The base of all these perfume blends is alcohol.  We chose to use 100 proof white rum because it delivers the purest essential oil scents while also preserving the recipe for many months.  You are welcome to use distilled water if you’d rather not use alcohol. But this modification will have a shorter shelf life of a few weeks.

We love these super cute perfume spray bottles [2] and these adorable funnels [3] (seriously, this is almost impossible without a funnel)!

Try our Walk in the Park Perfume Spray or have some friends over and make all six recipes below.  Everyone can go home with some great perfumes and no headaches like you get from store-bought fragrances!

6 Non-Floral Essential Oil Perfume Spray Recipes:

New to essential oils? Learn more about how we use them and why you should use them as well. [4]

Walk in the Park Perfume Spray

Yield – 10ml spray bottle

Preparation Time – 2 minutes

Cooking Time – 0 minutes


  • 10 ml spray bottle [2]
  • tiny funnel [3]
  • 10 drops Marjoram essential oil
  • 5 drops Cypress essential oil
  • 3 drops Basil essential oil
  • 2 drops Lemongrass essential oil
  • 1 3/4 teaspoons 100 proof rum or vodka


  • Remove the spray attachment from your bottle. Insert the funnel into the top of the bottle.
  • Add the essential oils and rum to your bottle.
  • Replace the spray attachment.
  • To use: Spray onto wrists, over heart, behind ears, into hair, and behind knees.
  • Store in a cool, dark place.  Always keep out of the reach of children.  Because these bottles are not protective of the essential oils inside like a dark bottle would be, I store this in my handbag or cosmetic bag so it’s not in direct sunlight.  Also, do not spray onto clothing (especially silk) as this can cause staining or discoloration.

Here are some other scent variations that we think you’ll love:

Love of My Life Perfume Spray

If you’re really brave you’ll splash on this new scent right before hubby gets home.  Watch the sparks fly!

Sweet Drops of Honey Perfume Spray

The scent of this perfume is uplifting and sweetly calming at the same time.  It’s unique and perfect for your next night out.

*You might want to shake this perfume before each use to make sure that the very thick Vetiver essential oil remains mixed in.

Forever Smiling Perfume Spray

This blend is a perfect emotional support and picker-upper.  It can help you feel centered and peaceful again after a stressful week.

Warm Heart Perfume Spray

I wear this perfume spray when I want to feel put together and on my A-game. The Frankincense helps me feel like I’m ready for anything and the Helichrysum really gives this scent a grounded, earthy feeling.

Obsessed Perfume Spray

I know that sounds extreme, but I’m completely obsessed with the depth of this woodsy and herbal blend.  It’s warm and rich and perfect for a long night snuggled up with the one you love.

Ingredient Note:

The base of all our perfumes and colognes is alcohol. We chose to use 100 proof white rum because it delivers the purest essential oil scents while also preserving the recipe for many months. You could also use vodka with similar results and very limited affect to the scent.

Substitution Tip:

You could substitute distilled water if you’d rather not use alcohol. But this modification will shorten the shelf life to a few weeks.

Another option we’ve read about is to add a small amount of witch hazel to the water to help extend the shelf life. This would work and increase the shelf life, but it will dramatically affect the aroma in each perfume or cologne. These recipes were tested with white rum and we can’t speak to the results with water or witch hazel.

This recipe is included in our eBook, Essential Oil Recipes for Healthy Hair & Skin, along with more than 60 other tried & true recipes that we’ve created, tested, and personally use. Click HERE to see more information and purchase your digital copy today! [5]

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