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Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer

If you have carpet in your home, then you know the pain and the joy of keeping it clean and fresh. We have a dog and six kids so this is a must for us. In addition to the fabulous fabric refresher [5], we use a simple routine to gently refresh and deodorize our carpet with simple and natural ingredients. Our Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer that neutralizes and eliminates odor, clears the air of impurities, and freshens every room in your home

This natural carpet cleaner and deodorizer recipe is designed to:

This recipe is quick and easy and you’ll probably have these ingredients in your pantry right now. It leaves a light, fresh scent and helps neutralize any normal household carpet odors.

As with any cleaner or fabric treatment, please spot check this recipe on an unseen corner of the carpet to make sure that the color will not be affected. If this spot check is clear, then proceed with the full treatment of the entire room.

New to essential oils? Learn more about how we use them and why you should use them as well. [6]

Natural Carpet Cleaner & Deodorizer



For strong odors or heavy pet areas, we add another step that integrates a simple spray cleaner recipe. We combine the Deodorizing Carpet Powder and with a DIY household liquid spray cleaner [8] for powerful, natural results. The combination of the two is perfect for when you need a little boost in your cleaning.

This spray recipe is a great all-purpose household cleaner all by itself. And, yes, we promise that the vinegar smell goes away very quickly.

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